How we got started

The Revive and Thrive Community Project sprouted in Grand Rapids, Michigan and was hosted the first few years at Park Congregational Church. In 2018, we began preparing our meals in the 6th floor kitchen and gathering space of the Ferguson Apartment Building | Dwelling Place Properties. We are modeled after the Ceres Community Project in Sebastopol, California of whom we are an Affiliate Partner.


Wendy’s Story

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Nourishing meals during the treatment of life-threatening illnesses can make a vital difference to patients. They can easily become malnourished as a result of treatment. This in turn can increase to side effects, reduce the effectiveness of treatment, and lengthen recovery time. Those facing life threatening illnesses will receive delicious, nutrient rich meals at no charge or low cost for themselves and their family. These delivered meals provide vital nourishment when every bite counts. This significantly relieves stress on the entire family and caregivers from the daily responsibilities of preparing meals, educates clients and their families about healthy food choices and promotes positive eating behaviors.





Your support provides nourishing meals and a caring community to our clients dealing with illness, grows healthy young leaders, and helps spread the word that what we eat is the foundation for our health. We can’t do what we do without your help.

You may donate through the link below, send us a check, purchase something from our wish list or contact us about corporate sponsorship or other donations. Thank you for your support!