Take the #ReviveAndThriveProject #CancerSucksChallenge

Raise awareness of how important good nutrition is during a serious illness and support our Project. Cancer sucks, and now you can help others by sucking something healthy and nutritious through a straw!

OPTION #1:  ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE & DONATE - Maybe you can even convince grandma, your crazy uncle or your adorable 2-year old to take the challenge for you!  

  1. Buy or make your healthy and nutritious drink. Use the recipe below, a store-bought drink or your own concoction. It can be delicious or not (think sour, thick, spicy or slimy, etc.) as long as it's healthy and nutritious!

  2. Suck it through a straw, make a memorable face and capture it on video or in a picture.

  3. Upload the video or picture to social media such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.   Include the hashtag #ReviveAndThriveProject and/or #CancerSucksChallenge and the link to our Challenge and donation page www.reviveandthriveproject.org/challenge.  

  4. Invite 3 or more people to take the challenge, and tag them in your post. You might tweet something like: “I took the #CancerSucksChallenge! Now I challenge @PButter123 @Xman42 @Popeye987! www.reviveandthriveproject.org/challenge." To tag someone on Facebook, hit the spacebar and type the "@" symbol followed by the name of each person you are tagging. Maybe even add your recipe!

  5. Donate to Revive and Thrive Project!!  Every contribution helps. You can click on the button below and use PayPal or your debit or credit card.